Born in Seoul, 1970, Lee-tzsche made her debut with 'Damdadee' and by the age of eighteen she was a major star in her native Korea. Three years later, she took a break from her idol status and moved to New York. While sutdying Fine Art at the Pratt Institute, she continued to pursue her musical career in both Seoul, Tokyo and New York.

Lee-tzsche is very popular not only as a singer-songwriter but also as a TV & radio personality and essayist. Her 1995 album 'Gongmudohaga'(Polygram) was a major hit.

From the initial collaboration on her new album with producer Richard Niles and the Strings Quartet of Gavin Rights in London, Lee-tzsche has continued to work with a variety of artists around the world. 'Give It All' is the first time for her to create a movie soundtrack and she has chosen to team up with Japan's Hajimu Takeda under the banner of 'Lee-tzsche with Penguins'. 

photo:14K Lee-tzsche